Awaken the Wizard Within 

Higher self, holistic consulting for yourself. A two-day class where you will connect to your higher guidance and feel the glorious unconditional love of source through a simple journaling technique.

  • Understand your source of power
  • Accept your holistic nature aka your wonder, wellness and wisdom
  • Master the power of intention
  • Learn the key to direct communication with your higher self and source
  • Practice the art of asking empowering questions

No prerequisites; although, having had a holistic consultation is suggested for the sake of context. Once taken, Workshops are available in Wizard Mode.

2 Day Class Tuition: $500 to $5000 sliding scale. Repeat students save 75%. Partial scholarships available upon request.

Advanced Awaken the Wizard Within 

Holistic consulting for others. A two-day class where you will strengthen the connection to your higher self and glorious unconditionally loving source through verbal conversations.

  • Deepen the work
  • Practice consulting for others
  • Learn the key for consulting the higher self of others

Prerequisites: 4 Classes or Workshops including Awaken the Wizard Within, at least once.

2 Day Class Tuition: $700 to $7000 sliding scale. Repeat students save 75%. Partial scholarships available upon request.


  • Gratitude Integration
  • Glorious Living through Wonder, Wellness & Wisdom
  • Hot Project Self-esteem Makeover
  • Freedom Project Workaholic Rehab & Workaholism Relief
  • Branding for Personal & Business Development
  • Life Purpose
  • Soul’s Path
  • Creative Play
  • Your Memoire
  • Public Speaking
  • Filmmaking
  • Fabulous Finances

1 Day Workshop Fees: Wizard $200 to $2000 & Muggle $400 to $4000. Repeat participants save 75%.

Workshops are usually one day. Also available for less and more time upon request.

Online Courses 

Coming soon.

How do I sign up for a class or workshop?

Scheduled classes and workshops are listed on the Events page with registration instructions. Use the contact form below to request to initiate a class or workshop. Be sure to let me know your desired timing and a few potential two-consecutive-day options. Due to my extensive travel schedule, it may take a couple days for me to respond. A minimum of 3 participants is required for classes and workshops.

Why do you have a sliding fee scale?

So the student or participant is empowered to pay what is appropriate for them at the time. Payable via Square, Paypal or checks payable to Spark Social, Inc. Partial scholarships available upon request.

How often can I get a class or workshop?

You can repeat any class and workshop as many times as you want, at a 75% discount. Although it may feel really good and expansive to take these classes, it is advised to wait at least one month between courses to let the guidance and energy settle and integrate thoroughly.

How do I prepare for my class or workshop?

Please refrain from taking any recreational drugs and alcohol 24 hours before our session. This is not a moral request as much as preserving the integrity of the energy field.

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