I’m a recovering workaholic committed to wonder, wellness & wisdom. I champion self-esteem, believe in magic and kindness. I’m a virtual fairy godmother, lover of flowers, tea & travel. My purpose is to enrich your life so you can express your glorious-self fully! icon xx M


Macarena Luz Bianchi is a personal development coach and speaker in Miami, Florida where she leads Awaken the Wizard Within, The Hot Project a self-esteem makeover and Workaholic Rehab. She is currently working on her Ph.D. in Metaphysics with a specialty in Holistic Life Coaching from the University of Sedona. She has an MFA in Motion Picture Producing from the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, a BA in Environmental Studies and another BA in International Relations from Florida International University in Miami.

Macarena is also an Akashic Records Teacher, Body Talk Healer, Nondenominational Ordained Minister with the Lively Stone’s Fellowship, a Martial Arts and Qinway Qigong Instructor, Landmark Forum, Warrior Sage, PAX Communications and Peak Potentials graduate.

Leadership, mentorship, and marketing have always been a part of her career, which started in event and public relations on South Beach, then the film business in Los Angeles, then at Mastery Training Systems and as an entrepreneur with a healthy chocolate business. As a marketing expert, she’s worked as a consultant, spokesperson, and copywriter in a variety of industries from fashion to flowers. She was a marketing director with Whole Foods Market before leaving the corporate world to focus solely on her highest point of contribution, which is helping empower people to live their full potential by improving self-esteem because it is a core corrector.

As a child, Macarena suffered from low-self-esteem and was aware how it negatively impacted her community. It took her 30 years of deliberate self-discovery to reclaim her self-esteem and transition from atheist to spiritual teacher and from overwhelmed workaholic to a free woman. Her journey included being open to wonder, wellness and wisdom while learning to be powerful in a feminine way with the graceful ability to receive.

Born in Chile, Macarena grew up in Costa Rica and Miami, lived in New York and Los Angeles, she is a lover of travel and tea. Home base is Miami where she lives with her husband Edwin and is the proud stepmom of Martin and Jordan.


Books in the Works  

  • Yes, You’re Hot! The Step by Step Guide to Sizzling Self-esteem Inside and Out
  • Gratitude Is, The Magic and Beauty of Feeling Grateful, a gift book featuring one of her poems with versions for adults and kids
  • Gratitude Journal: A Wonder, Wellness, and Wisdom Playbook with Daily To-Do Lists & Flowers for Coloring
  • Your Fairy Godmother’s Guide to Life: 10 Steps to Glorious Living
  • The Leadership Handbook for Teens with Joshua Williams, a teen who started Joshua’s Heart Foundation to help feed the needy when he was 4 years old

The paradox of being:

I am everything, I am nothing.
It is not so serious so let’s enjoy everything!

cropped-iocncolor1.png RECIPE Ingredients & Preparation

Equal parts:
  • Producer & Problem Solver
  • Mindful Marketer
  • Passionate Wordsmith
Healthy dose of:
  • Champion of Nature
  • Lover of Leisure & Luxury
  • Believer of Magic & Kindness
With a dash of:
  • Lighthearted Curiosity & Laughter
  • Fairy Godmother Wannabe
  • Worldwide Wanderer in Wonder
Makes one full & well-adjusted human… at your service!

I have worked with Macarena for business consulting over 15 years as well as coaching for my workaholism. She ignites my passion into action! She pin points solutions. There is something about Macarena that is empowering and inspiring filled with energy and clarity. I highly recommend working with Macarena because: 1. She is an excellent listener. 2. Sees what you can’t see. 3. Provides tools and suggestions that allowed me to go to the next level with my business. 4. Suggests books, website update suggestions, Apps for my phone and all the missing pieces to help me accomplish my dreams 5. She has given me the encouragement to finish my e-book that have been sitting in my to do box for over a year. After coaching with her I was able to finish it in one day.

Yoli Valdes

Personal Development Consultant and Wellness Coach, Internationally, ZENTAO

Macarena’s Top 5 Strengths

  1. Positivity
  2. Strategic
  3. Achiever
  4. Adaptability
  5. Arranger

From Gallup Strengths Test, where you can find out yours.

In her pursuit of deeper understandings of life and cosmology she is not afraid to question and think for herself. She also possesses excellent communication skills whether with public speaking, writing or in a spontaneous personal situation that shows great compassion, patience and an uncanny capacity to see many points of view. Macarena is an insatiable student with tremendous passion for helping herself and others become their highest and truest expression. Through the years, as our friendship developed, I have watched her positive attitude, interpersonal skills and perseverance support her success in her work life and friendships. I have known Macarena for approximately 18 years. I first met her when she became one of my clients. I have had a private practice in transformation counseling for 25 years. She approached her own process of awakening and healing with great enthusiasm and determination.

Lauralyn Bunn, Ma, CHTP, RM, LMT, C.Ht

Transformational Counseling, Miami, Akashic Pathways

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We need the company, encouragement and energy of leaders like Macarena to show the way to others to achieve and maintain this high state of being. Macarena has been my personal development consultant since we met long ago. It was in the early 1990’s and I was a young wife and new mother living in Miami Beach and holding down a dreary administrative job. It was a wonderful creative time in Miami Beach, and I was watching in the sidelines. I loved being a mom but had lost myself in the role of wife, and I really wanted to do more than sit at a desk. Thus I began to fantasize about mounting exhibitions of accomplished local artists whose talent I recognized as a way to contribute to this exciting burgeoning arts scene. But something held me back, thinking that nobody would take me seriously, having no previous experience in curating art shows or even a degree in art of any kind. I had merely a self-trained appreciation and sharp eye for new artistic talent that was seemingly apparent only to myself. And so it was that it took ALL the courage I had mustered up over months of hand-wringing and self-doubt to prepare a short proposal for an exhibition in a South Beach hotspot, less known for artistic appreciation and more for scantily-dressed women dancing tables. My completely non-corporate proposal, which I decorated with  photo copies of the  art and fancy calligraphy was sent via facsimile to the South Beach office the nightclub. I expected,  in my lack of vision, to receive no reply, and returned to my desk to process bills. But the call DID come.  An appointment was made and I brought my little daughter along to share the experience. It was a good thing indeed. We took the elevator to the penthouse of a South Beach high-rise. As the door opened the dark hallway was flooded with light and the entire Atlantic Ocean shined brightly before us. She said her name was Macarena, which sounded like music and she smiled at us. Here is where the story gets interesting. In the next few minutes I felt my life had changed forever, as this young woman, almost a child, smiled and began to discuss with me the logistics of putting on an exhibition. But underneath it all there was much more going on and I kept asking myself, what, until it hit me. It was Macarena herself. Her demeanor and air of complete love and open-ness made a profound impact on me and my perception of the world. Even though, as a graduate of E.S.T and many other forms of consciousness raising techniques since the 1980’s, I had been “stuck” for some time, in the role of wife and mom. By the time our conversation was over, all my fears had disappeared. I clasped my little daughter’s hand as we left, and I knew my life had changed dramatically. I went home with the thought that this young enlightened woman had re-opened up the world of POSSIBILITY from which I had excluded myself ! It was then that I realized that she had set the SPACE for all possibilities for me, for herself, for my daughter, for all of us. It was not only the spirit of tolerance in action here. It is the spirit of ACCEPTANCE. Acceptance which comes from enlightenment. The ability to see beyond the confines we often set for ourselves and for others, often unconsciously and/or through conditioning. I feel extremely fortunate and have often blessed the moment that we made this connection at the exact moment at which I needed most. It has been now 25 years and each year, the arts scene has grown in Miami. Macarena and I have gone on to mount dozens of cutting edge events and many creative projects together and separately and I am always grateful and thankful for the space she creates in our lives and those that are fortunate to have her in our lives. Self-improvement is a verb and a communal verb in that you need active, enlightened others to exchange, recharge and increase the level and quality of our vibrations. I am thankful that Macarena has and continues to be help me in providing wisdom and a practical approach to fulfilling our most exalted destiny, Change the world indeed. This is how it is done!

Helen C. Berndt

Artist in Harlem, NYC

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