This column was originally published in the print edition of Florists’ Review Magazine 2019 February Issue. Subscribe & Save 67% Although written for florists, the message is universal.

Consider what part of yourself is running your life, moment to moment.


Archetypes for Power

Glorious Living by Macarena Luz Bianchi

Dear Florist,

Who’s running the show? Meaning what part of yourself are you identifying with at this moment? 

First comes awareness, then discernment. Is it the best choice?

Everyone has an inner critic, lover, victim, genius, narcissist and so on because we are infinite beings who have access to all archetypes. If I ask you to act like a lunatic or a leader, you could easily play the part. 

You are always in control so use your infinite toolbox of archetypes consciously and be the director of your movie instead of the actor that has to follow along.

When you feel harmonious, ask yourself, “who’s playing the lead role?”

When you feel stressed or frazzled, consider what part of yourself has taken over, and what part needs to be called forth to best handle the challenge.

Regardless of what part you are playing, moment to moment, tune in to the consciousness and quality that would be most beneficial. You can contemplate which archetype is your priority at the moment.

As a default, you can be your higher self and express your glorious nature, then bring forth the specialists as needed.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Your Virtual Fairy Godmother 

Ps. What are your power archetypes?
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