I love chocolate! I remember begging, borrowing and stealing, as a kid, to get it. My addiction was exacerbated by my Dad traveling all the time and returning home with good swiss chocolate because obviously… chocolate = love!

Beyond my childhood confused emotions, the food of the Gods has a long tradition for its wonderful taste and health superfood benefits. My favorite dark chocolate –in the world– is made in Ecuador by the worldwide award-winning company, Pacari. There was a French Korean chocolate maker in Los Angeles that held this honor until they retired and closed several years ago, consequently breaking my heart. Fortunately, Pacari has filled this void!

Pacari uses biodynamic practices and is USDA Certified Organic!

Pacari means “nature” in Quechua, a name chosen to evoke everything that its chocolate represents:  the best products of the earth, 100% natural. This firm thus guarantees the health of the land and of those who consume its products, since they are free of soy, dairy, gluten, chemical and transgenic.

Pacari chocolates are all that… conscious and delicious!

I had the pleasure of doing a Chocolate Tasting (Cata) in Quito, Ecuador with some family and friends. What a treat it was. I have not taken their Cocoa Tour in the Amazon jungle yet, but it sounds like a fascinating experience. At the tasting, they taught us how to savor chocolate: in small pieces while biting slowly close to the front of the mouth in order to fully taste the complexity of each piece. I love doing this when I enjoy chocolate as a conscious-indulgement sacred-practice, with tea, of course.

Although the Pacari varieties are all good including their raw bars and chocolate covered fruit and coffee options, my favorite is their Rose Chocolate bar and minibars (which are just smaller) as well as their special-order rose-truffles! Pacari also makes special boxes for corporate gifts that we love to give to our customers, as a magnificent taste of Ecuador!

Some Pacari Chocolate is available Amazon

Wonder: 5 stars for tasty food of the Gods
Wellness: 5 stars for being a superfood energizer, rich in antioxidants, flavonoids, vitamins, and minerals
Wisdom: 5 stars for being a sustainable and socially responsible product.
Sizzling Self-Esteem: Yes, this is truly guilt-free.
Spark Social: Yes, a wonderful treat to share with friends.


Have to tasted Pacari? What’s your favorite chocolate?

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