Gratitude Is: The Beauty and Magic of Feeling Grateful

Gratitude Is: The Beauty and Magic of Feeling Grateful

Gratitude is powerful stuff. When played with and shared, it can create magic for you, your friends, colleagues, and loved ones. 

Discover the keys to gratitude with the playfully empowering poem “Gratitude Is” (in seven languages) featuring gloriously vivid and colorful flower photographs, Appreciation Action Steps, and more to help tap into the inspiring glory of gratitude with the abundant and magical magnificence of nature.

About the Book


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Inside the Book

  • Poetry: A lighthearted poem for all ages illustrating the keys to gratitude, in seven languages.
  • Beauty: Gloriously colorful flower photographs and a peek into a flower farm.
  • Activity: Appreciation Action Steps including Playing with Gratitude, and Flower Quiz.
  • Inspiration: The glory of gratitude with the abundant and magical magnificence of nature.

Discover the keys to gratitude with the playfully empowering poem Gratitude Is. Stop and enjoy these vivid photographs of beautifully enchanting flowers. Tap into your thankfulness with the Appreciation Action Steps.

Social Responsibility

It takes hundreds of caring hands to make flowers available for us around the world, every day. I’ve been fortunate to meet many people whose livelihood depends on flowers. I’ve also seen the many challenges to flower production from weather and transportation to micro and macroeconomic events that shape their availability. We all depend on the global flower industry to continue to have access to fresh cut flowers.

I’m so grateful to the floral industry for making it possible for us to enjoy flowers. As a form of gratitude, 10% of every book sold* are donated to the American Floral Endowment who funds generations of progress through research and scholarships at

*Donations are based on the author’s royalties from online and physical books sold.

Listen to my Poem: Gratitude Is

That’s my voice! Special thanks to The Good Sound for the audio production.


Watch an Animated Video of my poem: Gratitude IS

Click here to watch the animated video of the poem.


Take the Flower Quiz

Play the video. You’ll have a couple of seconds to name the flower before it is revealed. Pause if and when you need to. Have fun! Share your results @MacarenaLuzB #GratitudeIs #FlowerQuiz


Top 10 Gratitude List Template Forms

You can download 2 styles of free fill-in-the-blank pages you can print or load into a writable tablet:

Yellow Background with Sunflower PDF

White Background PDF


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Look Inside this Beautiful Gift Book

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Perfect Gift for Individuals & Groups

A meaningful reminder for yourself. A special way to share the joy of nature’s beauty. A thoughtful gift for anyone who deserves your gratitude.

  • Thank your customers, staff and vendors
  • Corporate incentive gifts
  • Employee and team recognition
  • Donor and volunteer appreciation gifts for non-profits
  • Gala and goodie bag gifts
  • Add-on to other gifts, flowers and gift basket deliveries

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Genres: Art & Photography, Gift Book, Inspirational, Mind, Body & Spirit, Motivational, Poetry, Self Help
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication Year: 2018
Format: 7 x 7” Hardcover (Color)
Length: 98 pages of a poem illustrated with flower photographs with action steps and inspirational content
ASIN: 1504391462
ISBN: 9781504364256
List Price: $14.99
eBook Price: $4.99
“Macarena has helped our readers understand that we gravitate to flowers because we are drawn to their powers of Wonder, Wellness, and Wisdom. In this wonderful new book, Macarena encourages us to embrace gratitude to find healing and magic.”
“Dr. Bianchi’s lovely poetic guide to living life with gratitude as a way to unlock our full potential reminds us to live consciously.”
“A simple yet profound tool you can use every day to transform your life. From the words of wisdom to the vibrant photos, this book will lead you to a life you love. Use it often!"
About the Author
Macarena Luz Bianchi

Macarena Luz Bianchi, Ph.D. is a personal development coach, speaker, and author who loves tea and travel. Her lighthearted empowerment helps people tap into their glory through wonder, wellness, and wisdom. She lives in Miami, Florida and online at where you can sign up for her Wonder, Wellness, and Wisdom Weekly Whims newsletter.

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