I provide counseling as needed in the form of consulting or ongoing coaching. I prefer to work as needed versus ongoing because I like to identify a challenge and bring it to harmony. Even better, I prefer to teach and empower the client to handle it. There are circumstances that require ongoing counseling, at which time, I may recommend another coach.

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What is Holistic Counseling?

Holistic counseling takes into account each person as a whole and the connection between their emotions, thoughts, physical experiences and spiritual understandings.

As a Holistic Counselor, I offer sessions in the muggle and wizard variety.

What’s the difference between a muggle and wizard counseling?

The terms muggle and wizard are affectionally referenced from the Harry Potter book series. Muggle counseling is the typical coaching and consultation format of dialog. Wizard counseling incorporates a technique that amplifies the client’s higher self and source communication like in the book, Conversations with God, aka zero point energy and the Akashic Records, the quantum dimension found within every cell in your DNA, that holds universal wisdom. Everyone is already connected, and everyone can tune in and communicate directly.

What happens during a holistic consultation, wizard work?meditation-1384758_640

A consultation begins with a technique that amplifies the connection with a key like a sacred prayer so we can communicate with your higher self and source, concerning your soul’s evolution. An empowering conversation takes place where I differentiate between your guidance and my personal ideas because as a personal development and business coach, they refer to my experience, at times.

Just having a holistic consult to receive the illuminating unconditionally loving energy from Source is enough. Asking your questions focus the energy in the areas you want quantum healing in. Your questions also direct your team of unseen assistance where you want their help because your free will dictates that nothing can happen without your permission.

How much does a consultation cost?

I have a sliding contribution scale between $350 and $3500 a session. I leave it up to the client to pay what is appropriate for them at the time of the consultation. This work is profound so it is not unusual for clients to come back days, weeks or months after their consult because they want to contribute a greater amount for their session. Payable via Cash, Square, Paypal or checks payable to Spark Social, Inc. Discounts available upon request.

How much time do I set aside for my consultation?

A session can be around 45 minutes depending on the energy coming through. I hold an hour on my schedule and suggest you allow 2 hours so you have time to reflect or journal.

How do I book a consultation?

Use the contact form below to request a consultation. Be sure to let me know your time zone and 3 potential options. Due to my extensive travel schedule, it may take a couple days for me to respond.

How do I prepare for my consultation?

  1. Fill out the consultation permission form, electronically.
  2. Consider what you want in life and write down your questions so you can ask them in your session. I will guide you as the conversation unfolds.
  3. Please refrain from taking any recreational drugs and alcohol 24 hours before our session. This is not a moral request as much as preserving the integrity of the energy field.

Do you offer long-distance consultations?

Yes, consultations are available in person in the Miami area, by phone or Skype/Facetime.

How often can I get a consultation?

Although it may feel really good, it is advised to let 3 to 6 months pass between consults to let the energy integrate thoroughly. For extended support, we can make a plan for personal or business coaching. For those drawn to this technique, classes and workshops to learn how to do your own holistic consulting are available.

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