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Although written for florists, the message is universal.

Learn how to incorporate the wonder, wellness and wisdom of gratitude into your daily life!


Count Your Blessings

Glorious Living with Macarena Luz Bianchi


As a florists, you can get overwhelmed and forget to count your blessings. It happens. My clients’s (and I) have a daily gratitude practice that helps us stay centered, positive, and focused on our blessings. Gratitude is easy, fun, and free. It only takes a little practice to make gratitude an uplifting habit. Here’s how to get started.


Here’s a reminder of the benefits living plants and flowers provide you and your customers.


#1. Play the Gratitude Game

Every day, take a moment to list what you are grateful for. That’s it. Just count your blessings any way you want: to yourself in the shower, sign it in the car, or write it in a journal or post. You can’t get this wrong. I’ve been playing daily for more than 10 years, and it has been magical. So much so, that I created gift book called Gratitude Is: The Magic and Beauty of Feeling Grateful to share my lighthearted and empowering poem: Gratitude Is alongside breathtaking flower photographs with Appreciation Action Steps to help folks tap in and experience the art of being grateful.

#2. Play the Gratitude Game at Work

It is too easy to start the morning with horror stories about traffic or the news. This is a common bad habit. Instead, start each conversation with something you appreciate. Even “Hi Bob! Thank goodness it stopped raining” will do. You can sneak it in to conversation or agree to play with some or all your staff. All you have to do is start each day with “I appreciate…” Remember to state one thing and give the person a chance to share their appreciation, like “Hello Amy, I appreciate the sun is shining! What are you thankful for?”

It’s easy! It’s practical. Things can always be worse so being able to express gratitude is an important process that has the power to improve your life.

Ready to commit? Take the Gratitude Game 21 Day Challenge to make this a habit. Celebrate after 21 days, then stretch to 40 days, celebrate again and keep going. As a glorious being, you deserve the upward cycle gratitude provides.

What are you grateful for?

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