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The energy you give and take is powerful!


Energy Pollution

Glorious Living with Macarena Luz Bianchi
Dear Florist,
Do you realize you are a constant transmitter? We all are. There’s nowhere to hide. You and your vibe can resonate in a full spectrum from upset to delighted.
Last month, I spoke about energy awareness. This month we are going to take that further and discuss energy transmission a.k.a. “casting the bait and taking the bait.”
It starts with you. What bait are you casting? Are you setting everyone up for success? If not, why? Explore it in a journal and with professional help.
Then, it is about the bait you are taking. Unconscious people run on autopilot, so they are not aware they are emitting energetic pollution. Misery loves company so we can’t blame them or change them. All you can do is be mindful of what you are letting disturb you and your body-mind temple.
As you know, you are too glorious to suffer the negativity of others.
Sometimes life gets tough and grieving or processing negative emotions is necessary, and like everything else, it is not what you do, but how you do it that matters.
Emotional intelligence is about expressing yourself in productive ways. So no matter what is going on, don’t take the bait and don’t cast it either. Please live and fish, responsibly, metaphorically speaking!
Be glorious & live well!
Your Virtual Fairy Godmother
Ps. How do you acknowledge the wonder side of you?
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