The beauty of our time is unlimited access. (tweet) The internet has connected the world and it is full of information. Important info we may need to save. But, how can we collect and sort it? If we’re not careful and deliberate about our information storage and management, we can experience the ugly side of unlimited access, which is CHAOS!

With so much good stuff out there, it is too easy to come across compelling references we need to save and want to get back to at some point. So we all need a digital reference filing system to keep track of it all in a clutter-free and useful way.

There’s the classic bookmarks on your web browser. I gave this one up long ago. I needed something that’s mobile and visual in nature. So I chose FLIPBOARD, the news aggregator where you can see all your networks in one place and flip the pages like on real paper with the ability to create your own Magazines. A virtual Magazine that can be set to private, public or invite contributors where you can collect all your online references by linking all the cool webpages and articles you find with their handy +Flip It Bookmarklet for your computer and devices! I have 72 Magazines, reference folders or swipe files to store everything from recipes to quotes for my speaking engagements. Check out my public Magazines here.Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 1.10.35 PM

Other tools, I can live without: I use the new and improved Notes App on all my Apple devices to write down my ideas on the go and then Scrivener to write. For collaborating on projects, I use Trello.

What’s your favorite tool?

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