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I love flowers and am so lucky that my main squeeze is a flower grower. But, he only sells to wholesalers so to be able to hook-up my friends with bulk flowers for their weekly floral needs as well as special event parties, fundraisers and promotional launches, I got Spark Social, Inc. to collect sales tax and be able to help the general public get these magnificent beauties – hurray!

Check out this video to see the meticulous care
that goes into growing and selecting your flowers.

What's bulk?

Bulk flowers means a minimum of 200 stems of each type of flower. Price depends on the time of year and color requested.

When do I order?

As soon as possible. At least 1 week before you need your flowers… the more time the better. All flowers come direct from a farm somewhere in the World, which takes time.

How do I get 'em?

If you are in Miami or Munich, you can pickup. Otherwise, we can get them to you where ever you are… we ship globally.


You can arrange your flowers or work with a local designer.

Our line of Bouquets are coming soon.

Want Bulk Flowers?

If you need some flowers, let us know:

  • What: Amount per Type of Flower
  • When: Date of Floral Request & Event
  • Where: Picking Up or Needs to be Shipped

We’ll find out the availability and get back to you with a quote within 2 business days.


Easy peasy!

Contact Us About Flowers

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“Of all flowers, methinks a rose is best.

William Shakespeare (The Two Noble Kinsmen, act 2, scene 2)

Now, from the farmers’ point of view…

Morning at the Royal Flowers Farm

Standing at the break of dawn, the chilly crisp air awakens every sense in your body. The scent of nature is clean and pure. With each breath of invigorating and relaxing fresh air, your soul connects with the countryside. Birds dance around the sky chirping a cheerful good morning. The cool mist refreshes your mind while the morning dew glistens all around. Peaking over the mountains, the sun breaks the sky with an orange glow slowly illuminating the fields. 

A new day has begun at our flower farm. All of us, a family of hundreds of dedicated flower-care-takers are ready with the necessary tools and supplies to perform all the specialized processes that we have become skilled at through the years. Our comprehensive daily plan has become a routine ensuring the safety and well being of all.

Enter a greenhouse and rows of color meet your eyes. You can feel the plants. It’s like they speak to us. Their leaves, branches and roots reveal what they have been through. When we touch the soil and feel it through our fingers, we know what the plant needs, now to nurture them and help them flourish. It is fulfilling work.

It all started in 1991 with a small plot of land in the charming town of Tabacundo, Ecuador. Little did we know it would provide much more than a way to make a living. What’s more, we were blessed with a piece of Earth that create a life of fulfillment and passion. Passion for the environment, soil, water and minerals—all that nature combines to create perfection in the form of a flower. (tweet)

We do it for the love of flowers. Flowers – those simple yet magnificent creations that embody love, sympathy, celebration and so much more to the receiver as well as the giver. (tweet)

Let’s share the colorful abundance of nature. Flowers are truly magical. (tweet)

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