Our bodies are made up of 70% water. We can’t live without it, and quality matters.

We know drinking water can have serious pollution problems like pharmaceuticals, chemicals, heavy metals and nasty microbes NOT meant for human consumption, which can carry dangerous waterborne diseases. With the tragedies in Flint, Michigan, it is a good idea to survey our home’s drinking water.

Companies such as Culligan Water will go to your home and do a free water quality test. Home testing kits are also available on Amazon.

After you know what’s in your water, it is time to consider filtration options.

It is an investment, but safety first!

Health comes first.

It is cheaper to pay now by making good choices then later in hospital bills.

I’ve had close friends with terminal illnesses and family with cancer that made me pay attention to water quality, long ago.

After years of research and trying everything from Brita to reverse osmosis and beyond… I prefer distilling drinking water, then remineralizing it and finally ionizing and alkalinizing it for optimal health.

Here’s my home drinking water setup:

  1. Tap water goes to:
  2. Water Distiller from Pure Water Inc. We have the Mega Classic in our garage.
  3. Distilled water goes to:
    • The kitchen sink: Through a Pre-filter underneath the sink (available in single, double or more, depending on whether your home uses city or well water) with a Remineralizing Cartridge, which needs to be replaced 6 to 12 months depending on how much water is consumed, then the Ionizing and Alkalinizing Kangen filter, whose replacement cartridge needs to also be changed 6 to 12 months depending on the amount of consumption, to my drinking water faucet. Kangen filters are available here from my dear friend Anna-Juleah, there are some perks available when you mention you heard about it from me.
    • The refrigerator for ice. We use the cold refrigerator water for flowers and when guests drink it, we add Trace-Mineral drops.
  4. This water is now as clean and as healthy as possible for drinking and cooking, which is why we take our water everywhere we go. It also reduces the environmental impact of disposable water bottles.

The water for the rest of the house, for hand washing, showers and laundry, goes through the water softener, also available from Culligan.

In areas where parasites are present, a UV filter is also needed.

When traveling, we take a SteriPen and bottles with built in filters like Brita for tap water or LifeStraw for drinking out in the wild.

What’s in your water?

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