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Learn a powerful giving and receiving technique that will leave you feeling stress-free and poised to take on the day!


Giving and Receiving

Glorious Living with Macarena Luz Bianchi
It is wise to think of yourself as an energetic being in constant flux and flow because that is true in one level. You can use this and take it up a notch by consciously giving away what no longer serves you while receiving another desired state to put in its place. For example, you can give away stress and welcome peace instead. Your intention is powerful because what you focus on expands.

This form of giving and receiving helps your connection to nature and the divine because you are returning energies to the Earth and metaphysical and metaphorical heavens to recycle and use it in more productive and beneficial ways for all.

To strengthen this practice, you can use your hands by tapping, which is an easy, painless and timeless technique that improves overall wellbeing.

So in the example above, you can let go of stress with a sharp exhale or set of three strong exhales. I like to use my hands in an outward motion at the same time. Then, replace with a sense of overall peace as you tap the top of your head, your heart and your belly.

We tap the three brains to include and activate them. We touch the head brain to make the changes, the heart brain to store the wisdom and new memory of the information, and the gut or enteric brain to digest and assimilate it all for instant access.

You can use this giving and receiving formula for anything. You can start with a daily practice of stress relief as well as seeing yourself as perfectly whole and healthy. You can visualize your body and feel any tension or illness evaporating, then tap while feeling and saying to yourself, “I appreciate, I AM in perfect health: mentally, emotionally and physically.” Try it out and let me know what happens.

Visit my website at to see a video of this technique. Happy New Year! May you express your glorious potential filled with wonder, wellness and wisdom.
Be glorious & live well!
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