I had a wonderful time at the Miami Book Fair. Seeing people react to my book was beautiful! Meet several people who asked about the publishing process so here is what you need to know.


  • What’s your business model? It is important to have a business model plan for sustainability. In the meantime, you may want to explore how to make a living as a writer.
  • Start saving. If you were starting any business, you’d expect to invest money. You may not need to spend on rent for a physical location or shop, utilities or staff; nevertheless, you will have to invest in your career for things like travel and marketing expenses as well as editing and design if you self-publish. These days crowdfunding is a great option. Be aware of how being a freelance writer affects your credit.
  • Have patience. Books are not a quick endeavor. Think for a long, long, long game.
  • Archive your process. Keep a creative journal and take pictures. Everything develops and evolves. Plus, it will give you material to share when you are ready to share your work.
  • Get help. Learn about resource options. Get a publishing coach or publicist to help you. I work with Creative Center of America.

About Writing

  • Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone can write. If you can speak, you can write. Some need to record their story, transcribe and edit. How you get the words down, does not matter. You can work with a ghostwriter, and definitely an editor.
  • Writing takes organization and research.
  • Writing is rewriting. It is not a linear process. It takes time. So start. Put it down, go back to it with fresh eyes. Repeat. Over and over, until it is ready. Fifteen drafts are common before it is ready for editing.
  • You are the asset. Your book is not. Your book is an extension of you. A tool to build your business. Novels lead to more novels, while non-fiction books lead to your area of expertise, which is why your website has to be your name, not the title of a product.
  • Books sell through word of month. While creating your ideas, outlining and writing, build your platform. Start today.

About Publishing


These days it is easy to self-publish and a great way to start. Just look up best-selling authors in your genre to see what great company you can be in.

To go down this path, I recommend:

  • IngramSpark – Ingram is the largest book distributor and reasonably priced for finished books. You will need to hire an editor and design services elsewhere.
  • CreateSpace – Amazon’s self-publishing for books, music and film
  • If you go with another self-publisher, do your due diligence and look up their name with the word complaints so see other’s experiences.
Traditional Publishing

This takes a long time because if you get a publishing deal today, it will go in order on their roster so you are looking at a release in a couple of years from now. You will also see very small royalties and zero creative control.

  • To get a publisher, you first need a literary agent.
  • To get an agent, look at the latest Writers’ Market publication, and contact the ones in your genre. There are many tips and trick so do your research.
  • The agent submits to publishers.
  • A publisher will pay a small advance and take care of editing and design as well as some marketing. The author is expected to market and most publishers will not take on an author who does not have a platform.


Any resources I missed?

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These products and services are things I personally use, do and believe in. Once I catch myself telling more than a few people about something, then I know, it is time to share it with you. Disclosure of Material Connection

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