How do I get started writing my book?

This is a common question I hear when I bump into people who want to write a book.

Here’s the deal:pencil-918449_640

It takes time.

It takes time to create.

It takes time to play with your ideas.

It takes time to record or write your ideas down.

It takes time to review and develop your work.

It takes time to get some distance from the work.

It takes time to be able to see it with fresh eyes.

It takes time to edit for story.

It takes time to edit for grammar.

It all takes time.

The good news is, time passes, regardless of whether or not you do these things.

So, how do you start?

You begin.

In whatever way works for you. It could be an outline, list of characters or just one sentence.

It takes time to work it out, and it can’t begin until you start the creative journey.

May it be fun and enriching.

Ps. Although writers write, it can be challenging to get it done. Learn how to get it done in this post.

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