Level 1 Awaken the Wizard Within
Akashic Records & Higher Self Holistic Consulting Technique

A two-day class where you will connect with your higher self and feel the glorious unconditional love of source through a simple conversation and journaling technique.

We are all connected to glorious wonder, wellness, and wisdom. This class shows you how to access it—consciously, deliberately and directly.

Awakening is like upgrading your innate connection from snail mail to fiber optics.

In class, you will:
• Understand your source of power.
• Connect to source energy.
• Communicate directly without a facilitator.
• Accept your holistic nature including your wonder, wellness, and wisdom.
• Master the power of intention.
• Access the innate wisdom of your Akashic field.
• Learn the Key to direct communication with your higher self and source.
• Communicate with your non-physical guides.
• Practice the art of asking empowering questions.
• Get 45 days of followup practice exercises to help you integrate this tool with a variety of subjects.
• Join a private Facebook group to support the ongoing integration of this tool into your daily life.

This class is for you, if you answer “yes’ to any of the following questions:
• Are you an active empowerment seeker?
• Are you exploring different spiritual healing modalities?
• Are you aware of our metaphysical source?
• Are you ready to claim your holistic birthright?
• Are you ready to take your empowerment to the maximum level?
• Have you had some experience with “unseen guidance” such as Abraham-Hicks or Conversations with God?
• Do you recognize your partnership with source and want to co-create consciously?
• Are you ready to embrace your glorious wonder, wellness, and wisdom?
• Are you a wellness professional looking to coalesce your tools and elevate your practice?
• Have you had contact with the “other side” and would like to understand and harmonize the process?

2-Day: Friday & Saturday, March 22 & 23 | 10 am – 4 pm in Miami/Doral, FL

No prerequisites.

2-Day Class Tuition: You name your price. $500 to $5000 suggested sliding scale. If special arrangements are required, please contact me.

Once you register, you will get access to the preparation materials that must be read and reviewed before class as well as the class location details.


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