At a relaxing session at Pathwaves.

Neural Empowerment at Pathwaves is an amazing sound therapy that re-trains and balances the brain to optimize our well-being. It starts with mapping the brain so that a plan can be made to balance any issues. It is incredibly effective for serious issues of addiction and other psychological challenges including fear, anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD, stroke and brain trauma, sleep and weight issues as well as enhancing sport and productivity performance.

I heard about it from my dear friend and mentor Lauralyn and was intrigued. If there is a way to surpass my limitations, I’m in— I love super human solutions!

I wanted a tune up… so I could be more productive and sleep better. Although I was very effective, I knew that I was not performing at my best.

At my initial consultation, my mind map showed the trauma in my occipital lobes that proved that part of me was acting on fear, although my conscious mind had learned to cope and be productive despite this issue. It explained the missing link to the frustration I felt with my productivity.

Computer reading my brain waves.

I did the full treatment of 30 sessions over six months. The very relaxing sessions are two hours of being hooked up to a computer while listening to music and sounds to surpass our subconscious fears and issues.

These days, I go in for maintenance about once a month because one session is like a months worth of meditation.

For Spanish speakers (or learners), you can listen to my 30 minute Spanglish radio interview on Improving Lives/Mejorando Vidas with host Alfredo Hernandez by healthcare professionals about mental wellness with Geoff Cole of Pathwaves on Actualidad Radio about my experience with neuro empowerment brain training.

Robert hooking me up.

Part 1 starts at minute 2, where I discuss my workaholic origins from when I was 5 years old and how I saw the problem in people was that they did not believe in themselves enough and were making a mistake by displacing their responsibility outside of themselves like in religion (yup, at 5 years old) and thinking about how I needed to get serious because I was about to turn 6 and it was time to stop messing around! I also discuss the consequence of my perfectionism as an adult and leaving my corporate job to focus on spreading lighthearted empowerment. How I learned about Pathwaves, and how I wanted to heal my neonatal traumas that I felt, despite all the conscious and healing work I had done, explained the subconscious fear that held me back.

Geoff, Me & Alfredo

In part 2, we discuss the traumatic political incidents that took place in Chile while I was in the womb and changed my parent’s lives dramatically. How I wanted a tune up to be more productive to write my books. That the process is very subtle and feels like meditation… a spa for the mind. And how the data shows improvement with each session while living a more productive and relaxing life. I knew everything was possible yet part of me was still scared. Although I felt fine, I wanted to feel more peace and joy. It worked. I was very satisfied. I then share my mission to remind people that they are glorious and if they treat themselves accordingly, life will be better with wonder, wellness and wisdom, which is the journey and the destination to a beautiful, fulfilling and balanced life. By having done the Pathwaves process, it is easier to be me. The interview concludes with Geoff saying that there is a step-by-step process to get people to their best-balanced place. Me stating: I love that this process because it does not use narcotics and helps people to the core. The host signs of saying that as a Christian, he believes God is within, you must believe it to allow yourself to be the best you can be. That’s enough. And, there are things like what we spoke about that can help us. Love yourself and let yourself be loved.

Have you heard of or experienced this ground breaking science?

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