As much as I love color and nail polish, I get concerned about the toxicity of most nail polish due to crazy ingredients like the toxic trio (formaldehyde, DBP and toulene) and other nasty chemicals.

You are too glorious to wear poison!

Fortunately, there are plenty of good non-toxic options like ZOYA, which is the one I predominantly use (and take to the salon) because they do not use the toxic trio, plus formaldehyde resin and camphor, ZOYA = No Toxic 5!

I’m in love with their Naked Manicure line because it treats, corrects and protects for the healthiest nails possible, also available for men.


Remove your nail polish, with a non-toxic remover, the night before a mani, to give your nails a break and let them breathe.

As far as colors, there are 300+ to choose from, between matte, glossy and sparkly. Amazon has a cool feature: SEE IT ON, so you can match your skin tone and see how the color looks on you! It is located at the bottom left side of the picture, it may take a few seconds to load.


If you are ticklish like me, then Lidocaine topical numbing cream is very useful to apply before a pedicure. (This cream is over the counter; nevertheless, ALWAYS check with your medical professionals before using pharmaceuticals.)

Take a look at how nail polish is made at ZOYA.

Which is your fav healthy polish?

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