I’m a big fan of the good work that non-profits do for our communities and planet.

I’ve worked in Community Outreach where I had to identify local grassroots organizations to support. It was very rewarding work!

I often get asked to recommend charities so here are some that I believe in.

Empowering Poverty Alleviation
  • Micro-Lending lends money to poor entrepreneurs to help them build a sustainable business like the Whole Planet Foundation who predominantly lend to women because stats show they use the money to feed and educate their families.
  • Heifer donates animals so families can create a sustainable source of income.
  • Miami: Joshua’s Heart Foundation is on a mission to stomp out hunger locally and abroad through youth activism.
Arts & Wellbeing
Animal Welfare
Homeless Shelter
All Around

Recently, I asked to plant a tree instead of goodies for a tea party I hosted and for my wedding celebration, we fundraised for an orphanage in Ecuador.

Ps. In my Make A Difference post we explored why and how to be a philanthropist, and how to judge non-profits.

What are some of your favorite charities?

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