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Simple steps to creating a results oriented mindset that exudes wonder, wellness, and wisdom!


Results Oriented Mindset

Glorious Living with Macarena Luz Bianchi
Dear Florist,
How often do you walk in your customer’s shoes? Do you know what’s most important to them? How can you make their life better?
Understanding and improving the customer experience every day is a best practice. To be a leader in your industry, you must foster a client-based results-oriented company culture. In all the minutia of day to day operations, it is easy to lose track of this most critical mindset. Regularly review what’s working in this area, and what can be improved. Is every step of your processes designed for success?
For glorious living to integrate with your glorious business, consider how to infuse wonder, wellness, and wisdom with your results-oriented mindset.
Wonder = Ambience. What parts of your business are already wonderful for your clients and staff? What can be improved? Little things like great coffee and clean restrooms can make a big difference. Lighting and music are also powerful positive ambiance creators.
Wellness = Stress-free. Your customers need a pleasant experience at every step of their interactions with your business including on the phone, via email, the user interface of your web tools, and in person. There’s usually room for improvement. You can anchor this value by stating, “We operate with ease and grace for ourselves and our client’s benefit, 100% of the time.” Be sure to ask about and measure for customer satisfaction and adjust as needed.
Wisdom = Accounting. Knowing your numbers is not only necessary, but it is also liberating. Does your team know and understand what everything costs, and the margins needed for the business to thrive? Transparency in accounting within your team can be empowering when used for progress measurements and targets.
With little ongoing attention, you can create a sustainable results-oriented culture that sets everyone up for success.
Be glorious & live well!
Your Virtual Fairy Godmother
Ps. How do you keep the client experience in mind?
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