You’re a storyteller. We all are. It is the longest tradition shared by humans.

Everyone has stories to tell. We do it all the time, every day.

Why were you late? You have story.

Where are you from? There is a story there.

What do you want? There’s another story.

Although it has been a label that has followed me around most of my lifoffice-991306_640e, I still have a hard time with it, sometimes. Most writers I know have similar issues.

So why do some/most of us fight it?

Fear, fear and fear.

To be more precise:

  1. Fear of not being able to do or finish it. And, if you could…
  2. Fear of being a fraud, not a writer or a bad writer. And the subsequent…
  3. Fear of rejection or worse: ridicule.

Even if your fear is more nuanced, the core probably related to one of these.

We all have the right to write.

The good news is that these fears are bogus. Supporting these fears is the wrong choice. The wrong choice for full expression and full potential.

The right choice starts with changing that fear into excitement.

Acknowledge and thank the fear: “I see you fear. Thanks for trying to protect me. You are dismissed. You will only show yourself as excitement from now on.”

You can declare: “I am a storyteller. My fear of writing is actually excitement. Thanks, glorious self!”

Next reframe each fear with these corrections. You want to be:

  1. Excited by the challenge of completing your story.
  2. Excited to share your one-of-a-kind voice with those who need to hear it from you.
  3. Excited to reach your target audience. Those who don’t like it are not part of your niche.

Try it. You glorious storyteller!

How have you wrangled your fear?

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