The issue of washing and styling hair can get in the way of life sometimes. To help me not miss out, I use shower caps.

The SHHHOWERCAP inventor and owner, Jackie, “created something that didn’t exist” and answered my prayers in the process!

I searched high and low and was disgusted with the pitiful selection since disposable caps are ethically unacceptable (for me) and the other options were bulky, outdated and stunk of toxic plastic.

I’m in love with mine! I have two, one for the gym, steam room and sauna and the other for home showers, bath, and pool.

What’s great?

They are light, dry in seconds, are easy to pack, environmentally friendly, and come in fun patterns. Plus, they come with a lifetime guarantee.

What can be better?

I only wish they made a plain white one and had more pattern options.

Anything else?

To hold my hair up, I use small clips or these comfy sideways yoga clips.

Are you ready for a chic and functional shower cap?

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