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Although written for florists, the message is universal.

Move toward your ideal life in 2018 with three simple steps!


3 Steps To Your Best Year Yet

Glorious Living with Macarena Luz Bianchi


Dear Florist,
I’d love for 2018 to be your best year yet! To make that happen, here are 3 simple steps to help you succeed:
Step 1. Make a Playdate.
• Set aside 30 minutes with yourself where you can be alone and turn off all external stimuli like your phone, computer and TV. This may have to be at a cafe or library if you need quiet.
• You will need something to write on like paper, journal, your phone or computer (on airplane mode).
• This is an important appointment so add it to your calendar.
On your playdate, start by getting comfortable, gather your writing instruments and grab a beverage, before beginning step 2.
Step 2. Consider Your Ideal Life.
Take 5 minutes to daydream about what your ideal life looks like and feels like. Remember to consider your sources of wonder, wellness and wisdom; and how these can show up in your life.
• Take another 5 to 10 minutes to write it down in free-flow. Writing down your brainstorm about what your ideal life looks and feels like will clarify and empower it.
Afterwards, you’re ready to create your Grateful Goals.
Step 3. Create Your Grateful Goals.
• Write/type My Grateful Goals 2018 on the top of a page.
• On the next line, spread out the words: Month | Wonder | Wellness | Wisdom.
• On the next row, list the months of the year on the column going down below the word: Month.
• What is your Grateful Goal for each month in each of our holistic categories of wonder, wellness and wisdom? Write something in each section.
This simple process of creation activates your free will to guide your life towards your ideal.
You can download these worksheets here.
Happy New Year!
Ready to for your best year yet? What is one of your Grateful Goals?
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Dr. Macarena Luz Bianchi is a flower lover, personal development coach, speaker and author of lighthearted empowering handbooks who loves tea and travel. You can sign up for her Wonder, Wellness & Wisdom WEEKLY WHIMS newsletter at


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