It’s common to get distracted with life and forget to acknowledge and celebrate what’s important and precious to us.Year in review, Review, New year, 2017, 2016 review

To make it easy for you, I’ve created some fillable forms (download a numbers or excel file) for you to record and track the highlights of your life as well as write down your goals. You have two sets of each:

    • One set to fill in for this year and next.
    • Another to serve as a master copy for you to use in the future.

You can customize them anyway you want to suit your lifestyle and track what’s important for you. You can add other categories like kids or specifics like cycling. That’s what you may want to do first. Go through the list and customize to your liking, then copy and paste into the other spreadsheets.

Forms for you:

My Year In Review: What’s noteworthy for the year? Fill it in. If you do not want to use the month or quarterly columns, just delete them.

Acknowledge & celebrate your awesomeness!

My Glorious Goals: What do you want to create next year? You can get very specific with the quarterly and monthly columns. At the end, there’s space for your 5 and 10 year goals?

What you focus on expands.

My Life Log Inventory: What are your highlights and favorite moments? Record as you go each month.

A well examined life is worth living.

Download a numbers or excel files. Go ahead and make it your own. Thanks for playing!

May all your days be filled with wonder, wellness & wisdom!
What’s a win from last year?

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