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I’m Macarena Luz Bianchi, a Personal Development Coach and Holistic Practitioner. I write and speak about Glorious Living (your birthright), and my clients kindly refer to me as their Fairy Godmother. I love flowers, tea, and travel. My lighthearted empowerment philosophy takes a playful approach to inner growth with the understanding that there is nothing wrong with you and transformation doesn’t have to be painful. I can help you tap into your innate glory so you can live and thrive with the wonder, wellness & wisdom within you.

Fairy Godmother & Life Coach


As your Lighthearted Empowerment Coach and Holistic Practitioner, I can help you live your highest potential with simple tools designed to re-connect you to your innate and glorious wonder, wellness & wisdom so you can shine bright, expand, and thrive without guilt or the heaviness that comes from being out sync with your glorious self. We work with the magical trinity of wonder, wellness & wisdom because they are the full expression of mind, body, spirit, and the destination and pathway to a truly balanced and joyfully fulfilled life. 


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Lighthearted Empowerment Academy
Follow step-by-step processes to integrate and implement lighthearted empowerment tools at your own pace.
From meditation to muscle testing, you have everything you need to have a supportive and empowering relationship with your higher self and spirituality with simple and easy to follow energetic tools.


The Hot Project Club for building Sizzling Self-esteem from the Inside Out. Confidence is a core corrector that allows you to improve everything in your life from career to relationships. 
Each month, we gently and steadily address the 10 areas of life with hotness potential called the Hot Meters in a supportive environment of implementation.


You’re glorious! And, you deserve to thrive and live with wonder, wellness, and wisdom!
I combine simple metaphysical tools and holistic priority for tailor made one-of-a-kind MindBody coaching sessions for individuals and groups. Session packages are ideal to work deeply and gain greater and lasting shifts. 


“I am new to the Akashic Records. I took the Awakening the Wizard Within course, and it has been life-altering! With her expert guidance and wisdom, I have finally entered a realm that allowed me to discover my soul’s purpose. Macarena is incomparable in her knowledge, and her teachings have truly awakened me. I am ready to manifest my true purposes, and I am filled with light and gratitude for her courses and guidance.”


“There is something about Macarena that is empowering and inspiring filled with energy and clarity. I highly recommend working with Macarena…”


“She also possesses excellent communication skills, whether with public speaking, writing, or in a spontaneous personal situation that shows great compassion, patience, and an uncanny capacity to see many points of view…”


“… I am thankful that Macarena has and continues to help me in providing wisdom and a practical approach to fulfilling our most exalted destiny, Change the world indeed. This is how it is done!”


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My Facebook Page & Groups

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