I'm Macarena luz Bianchi

Mindset Coach and Author of 30+ gift books of lighthearted and empowering poetry so you can express yourself on every occasion with meaningful words of recognition, inspiration, and appreciation. 

Like a fairy godmother, I help you express yourself more authentically and clearly with simple and nourishing mindset tools—from gratitude to self-esteem makeovers—so you can reclaim your sanity, lightheartedness, and joie de vivre (joy of life)while expressing your glorious wonder, wellness, and wisdom—without guilt or overwhelm.

Three Ways to Engage

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  • Books & More

    Explore Macarena’s lighthearted and empowering books, courses/coaching, talk topics, and more. Tune in to her poetry and find the words to express yourself for every occasion.


    We are not liable for the consequences of tapping into and expressing your wonder, wellness, and wisdom!

  • Lighthearted Living Insiders

    If you'd like a closer connection with Macarena and her world, join the Lighthearted Living Insiders. You get a bunch of fun perks, and it's totally free.

    ​Well, you do have to give us tribute in the form of—being kinder to yourself. But is that really a burden?

  • Luminary Society

    Ready for the ultimate subscription experience?

    Join the Luminary Society to unlock early access to new books, signed collector's edition, and exclusive swag.

    If you end up shinning too bright, it's your own fault.



  • Lauralyn

    “She also possesses excellent communication skills, whether with public speaking, writing, or in a spontaneous personal situation that shows great compassion, patience, and an uncanny capacity to see many points of view…”

  • Natalia

    “I am new to the Akashic Records. I took the Awakening the Wizard Within course, and it has been life-altering! With her expert guidance and wisdom, I have finally entered a realm that allowed me to discover my soul’s purpose. Macarena is incomparable in her knowledge, and her teachings have truly awakened me. I am ready to manifest my true purposes, and I am filled with light and gratitude for her courses and guidance.”

  • Yolanda

    “There is something about Macarena that is empowering and inspiring filled with energy and clarity. I highly recommend working with Macarena…”

  • Helen

    “… I am thankful that Macarena has and continues to help me in providing wisdom and a practical approach to fulfilling our most exalted destiny, Change the world indeed. This is how it is done!”

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