Beautiful New Floral Picture Book Featuring an Inspiring & Relaxing Poem Makes for the Perfect Gift and Read at Anytime

Author Macarena Luz Bianchi highlights the power of gratitude in her latest gift book “Gratitude Is: A Lighthearted Empowering Poem”

MIAMI – The power of gratitude is the gift that keeps on giving as it provides a magical tool for glorious living. Author and mindset coach Macarena Luz Bianchi has captured the spirit of gratitude perfectly in her new gift book “Gratitude Is: A Lighthearted Empowering Poem” which makes for a wonderful gift for anyone who needs a reminder they too are glorious.

Accompanied by beautiful photos of flowers from Bianchi’s husband’s floral farm, the book is comprised of one poem that is broken out into bite-sized pieces to provide a unique and powerful tool of wonder, wellness, and wisdom to readers. Bianchi was inspired to create this gift book as she loves the lighthearted empowering mindset of gratitude as it is accessible for anyone and provides the pathway to achieving one’s most prosperous potential and all they desire in life.

“Over 10 years ago I started playing the Gratitude Game on a daily basis with a dear friend,” said Bianchi. “This simple ritual transformed my life. It was like magic. In a short time, I had reprogrammed my brain to look at the positive in all situations. Making gratitude a habit in this way, made me a better problem solver by setting me on a grateful solution-oriented path and my book will inspire readers to do the same.”

Bianchi used images of flowers along with the poem as they capture the essence of feeling grateful and invites readers to appreciate flowers for their own magical and glorious radiance. To support the reader’s journey, Bianchi has also created an accompanying children’s book, coloring book, journal, and special flower gift box set that is available for purchase through Luz Flora which contains a beautiful floral arrangement and copy of the book as it makes for the perfect gift for any occasion. A Spanish version of the book is available as well.

“Gratitude Is: A Lighthearted Empowerment Poem”

By Macarena Luz Bianchi

ISBN: 978-1-5043-9146-7 (hc); 978-1-5043-6426-3 (e); 978-1-5043-6425-6 (sc)

Available through Luz Flora, Amazon, and Balboa Press

About the Author

Macarena Luz Bianchi is a mindset coach and author. She’s kindly known as a Fairy Godmother to her clients and readers. Her lighthearted empowerment approach helps people tap into their glory through wonder, wellness, and wisdom. She enjoys writing poems, gift books, and fiction and non-fiction for adults and children. Bianchi writes screenplays and has currently authored 15 books including additional gift books that feature poems on topics such as sympathy, birthdays, friendship, anniversaries, and more that are all available in either English or Spanish. She currently resides in Miami and you can visit her online at to learn more as well as to sign up for her newsletter, explore gratitude further, download free worksheets, take the flower quiz that is mentioned in the book, and more.