Forget Instagrammable Happiness: Aristotle's Guide to Lighthearted Living

New year, new me? Forget the pressure to reinvent yourself with trendy wellness fads and social media-worthy habits! Let's rewind to the wisdom of ancient Greece, where Aristotle, the OG life coach, had some timeless tips for a genuinely good life.

And guess what? His secrets involve far less effort than that perfectly curated Instagram feed. Buckle up for a journey towards lighthearted living, fueled by wonder, wellness, and wisdom, inspired by the great philosopher himself:

1. Ditch the Comparison Trap: Aristotle says the good life isn't about one-upmanship. It's about flourishing and living well according to your own nature. So, put down the phone, stop scrolling through highlight reels, and focus on nurturing your own unique talents and passions.

2. Befriend Boredom: In our hyper-stimulated world, it's easy to fear the void. But Aristotle says boredom is fertile ground for wonder. Let your mind wander, daydream, and get curious. You might uncover hidden passions or spark brilliant ideas through the power of doing absolutely nothing.

3. Find Your Flow: Remember that exhilarating feeling of losing yourself in a task? That's what Aristotle calls "eudaimonia," the ultimate human flourishing. It's not about pushing yourself to the limit, but about finding activities that tap into your natural skills and make you lose track of time in the best way possible.

4. Make Friends, Real Friends: Loneliness is the enemy of a good life, says Aristotle. But forget about building a massive online following. Focus on nurturing deep, meaningful connections with people who share your values and make you laugh. A good old-fashioned game night with loved ones beats countless likes any day.

5. Practice Moderation, Not Deprivation: Life is all about balance, not restriction. Enjoy that slice of cake without guilt, but don't forget to nourish your body with wholesome foods too. Listen to your body, embrace mindful movement, and find the sweet spot where pleasure and health coexist.

6. Laugh it Out: Aristotle believed laughter is essential for a good life. So go ahead, tell that ridiculous joke, watch a cheesy comedy, or simply share a silly moment with a friend. Laughter is not just contagious, it's also a powerful stress reliever and mood booster.

7. Cultivate Virtue: It's not just about doing good, but about becoming good. Aristotle suggests developing virtues like courage, honesty, and kindness. These aren't rigid rules, but guiding principles that help you navigate life with integrity and compassion for yourself and others.

8. Be a Citizen of the World: We're not just individuals; we're part of a community. Aristotle encourages active participation in your local sphere, whether volunteering, supporting local businesses, or simply taking care of your neighborhood. Making a difference, no matter how small, fills your life with purpose and connection.

So, this new year, forget the fads and filters. Take a cue from Aristotle and embrace the lighthearted approach to living. Cultivate wonder, prioritize your well-being, and seek wisdom from within and without. You might just find that the truly good life is simpler, more authentic, and infinitely more joyful than you ever imagined.

Remember, it's not about being perfect, it's about flourishing in your own unique way. Now go forth, laugh, connect, and let your inner Aristotle shine!

📸 Photo by Matheus Bertelli

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