Need to Help Someone Heal from Heartache and Loss? | Article from Luz Flora

"Honor feelings of grief by offering comfort and grace. You don't have to try to fix anything or wipe away all traces of sadness, but you can provide your presence, a shoulder to cry on, and a listening ear if and when needed."

This quote illustrates how my Lighthearted Living Formula provides a gentle framework to help people experiencing grief with a balance of wonder, wellness, and wisdom that can help support a friend or loved one through their loss.

You can read it and see the video here on the Luz Flora site. 

Ps. I wrote the gift book S.Y.M.P.A.T.H.Y. A Poem of Solace to help people be supportive of their friends and loved ones by reminding them that they are cared for during challenging times of heartache and loss. A special edition is available exclusively at Luz Flora, the nation's premier gift book and luxury flower provider. It was founded by me and created to help a busy world mindfully celebrate and honor life's meaningful moments. 

Article referenced with permission from Luz Flora.