My Love University Podcast Interview

Listen to Dr. Alex Avila of Love University interview me at the Miami Book Fair

We talked about how I help my clients with my lighthearted empowerment approach.

What We Discussed by Dr. Alex Avila

"Would you like to live gloriously and achieve your heart’s desires? Now, you can, with the help of our special guest on Love University: Macarena Luz Bianchi, esteemed author, spiritual teacher, and lighthearted empowerment coach. In our everyday life, many of us feel distracted and stressed; anxious and sad that we are not worthy enough to get what we truly want. With the marvelous truths we learned from Macarena, we can begin to reclaim our birthright as the Kings or Queens we really are.

*Think of Life as a Theme Park of Experience: Consider your life to be like a theme park in which you try different rides. Some are relaxing; some are scary; some are boring; some are tremendous fun and joyful. If you’ve had enough of a particular ride, then you can switch to a new one—from fear to joy; from anger to forgiveness. Always remember that you are the amusement park operator of your own mind, and you can get on the ride that will bring you (and those around you) the most contentment and peace.

*Shine Your Love to Attract Love: Many people desperately look for a love partner to fill their heart. The solution to finding a true loving romantic partner is to first discover what you love inside yourself. Maybe, you have a talent or gift—writing, technology, persuasion, technology, speaking, entertainment, crafts—whatever it is, express it and meet people like-minded people who resonate with your talent. Chances are, you will eventually discover a partner you can share your love with as you learn and grow together—shining brighter together than you do individually.

*Measure the Energy in a Situation: Many times, we are focused on action—doing, accomplishing, achieving—yet we often feel stressed, overburdened, and confused. When we try to impress other people in a work setting, or win over a potential romantic partner, we may feel too eager, or even desperate, to make a good impression. The solution is to take a moment and ask yourself: “What is the energy I’m experiencing at this moment? Is it a happy and flowing energy, or do I feel tight, constrained, and joyless—forcing something that is not natural?” By taking an energy inventory in any situation or social encounter, you can center yourself in a calm and loving way. You can play instead of being tense; giving positive vibes, instead of retreating into your own self-consciousness. When you do this, you will naturally influence others and attract the right people and circumstances into your life.

*Claim Your Birthright as a Queen or King: By virtue of being born into this world, you are a miracle of creation. You are a Queen or King in your truest nature. The problem is that we don’t often claim our own inner worth. We ask questions out of fear or anxiety: “What will happen to me?” “Why don’t I get what I want?” The correct approach is to make statements to the Universe: “I will love to the fullest; I will create, give, and experience everything I possibly can.” “I will live a glorious life.” When you make statements like this, you claim your place in life—you take a stance and say, “This is what I love; this is what I have now.” Now, you are establishing a firm foundation for who you really are: a wondrous creation of joy and love.

Yes, you can experience glorious living. With persistence and play (being spontaneous and authentic), you can reclaim your inner royalty and be the best, happiest, and most loving person you can possibly be. Start today and decide that you will live gloriously every single moment—giving as much love and joy as you receive in return." 37 mins | November 2019

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