Nationwide Luxury Flower Provider Also Offers Commemorative Books to Enhance Occasion

MIAMI – With a bouquet of flowers having the power to express gratitude, sympathy, or simply just say ‘I love you,’ a new Miami-based service has reinvented the traditional concept of floral delivery to convey a sentiment that lasts long beyond its peak. Luz Flora offers premium stems, harvested by mostly skilled female caretakers in the depths of the Andes Mountains in Ecuador before being handpicked and delivered right at their prime to customers’ doors for an unforgettable experience.

The concept for Luz Flora was born out of the pandemic, founded by former filmmaker and author Macarena Luz Bianchi. Recognizing the impact flowers make especially during such trying times, Bianchi combined her passion for the arts with her husband’s three-decade career in the flower farming industry to begin the company. Her handwritten themed books are an integral part of Luz Flora’s backbone, an optional add-on to each order. Available in paperback and hardcover, the keepsake books individually commemorate birthdays, friendships, anniversaries, and more.

“The simple act of both sending and receiving flowers has the ability to completely turn around someone’s day which is why we wanted to ensure that we create arrangements that are of the highest level, bringing continued vitality and joy to people during some of the most significant moments of their lives,” said Bianchi. “Luz Flora is a representation of my own life’s work coming together for people to express these sentiments through high-quality blooms and detailed illustrations.”

With four different collections of flowers available, the Stellar Classic, Constellation Spray, Royal Victorian, and the Motif line, customers can select from large and extra-large size arrangements. Each order comes wrapped inside a biodegradable bag with an extra stem included to offset any potential breakage caused in transport. Luz Flora offers overnight shipping throughout the continental United States, with local delivery and pick-up available in the South Florida region. For more information on Luz Flora, visit

About Luz Flora

Luz Flora is the nation’s premier gift book and luxury flower provider delivering fresh and hydrated low-maintenance floral arrangements. Each bouquet is handpicked from the hills of Ecuador with the option to include an illustrated book that celebrates the occasion. For more information on Luz Flora or to place an order, call 305-424-2525 or visit