The End of Luz Flora

We set out to delight you with flowers and help you express yourself more with exclusive gift books of heartfelt poetry. Sadly, it's over as Luz Flora has closed operations in Miami and in Ecuador.

We are grateful to everyone who had a hand in this project, our team, farms, service providers, and customers.

Here's playlist to say goodbye and another to celebrate flowers!

In the United States, we will get our flowers from Urban Stems.

About Luz Flora

Luz Flora was the nation's premier gift book and luxury flower provider, helping a busy world celebrate and honor life's meaningful moments with the coveted unboxing experience of the big blue box while being delighted by flowers and fully expressed with poetry.

Luz means light in Spanish and is founder Macarena Luz Bianchi's middle name, who was inspired by the idea that flowers are the manifestation of light

She is also the author of premium gift books, offering words of remembrance, recognition, and inspiration for every occasion. Her titles are neutral, inclusive, unisex, nonracial, and nondenominational, with versions in Spanish and for children. 

Luz Flora has exclusive special-edition gift books to match their exquisite flowers, only available in the big blue box.

Here's a peek at where the French-style hand-tied floral arrangements come from:  

From the highlands of the Andes Mountains on the Equator, our flowers flourish in rich volcanic soil with pristine glacial waters, consistent sunlight, and a fresh, crisp breeze that makes the leaves of eucalyptus and pine trees dance to a rhythm of harmony where birds sing and nature creates floral magic.

Thousands of skilled flower caretakers (primarily women and mothers in rural areas) are supported with each purchase.

As part of the commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation, they use the least amount of packing materials possible and urge recycling and reuse when possible. The bag hydrating the stems of the flowers is biodegradable, and shipping is carbon neutral.

Luz Flora's operated out of Royal Flowers in Miami and carried their highest quality flowers. Here's what it was like to visit their farms:

Standing at the break of dawn, the chilly crisp air awakens every sense in your body. The scent of nature is clean and pure. Your soul connects with the countryside with each breath of invigorating and relaxing fresh air. Birds dance around the sky, chirping a cheerful good morning. The cool mist refreshes your mind while the morning dew glistens all around. Peaking over the mountains, the sun breaks the sky with an orange glow, slowly illuminating the fields

A new day has begun at our flower farm. All of us, a family of hundreds of dedicated flower caretakers, are ready with the necessary tools and supplies to perform all the specialized processes we have become skilled at through the years. Our comprehensive daily plan has become a routine ensuring the safety and well-being of all

Enter a greenhouse, and rows of color meet your eyes. You can feel the plants. It's like they speak to us. Their leaves, branches, and roots reveal what they have been through. When we touch the soil and feel it through our fingers, we know what the plants need and how to nurture them and help them flourish. It is fulfilling work

It all started in 1991 with a small plot of land in the charming town of Tabacundo, Ecuador. Little did we know it would provide much more than a way to make a living. Moreover, we were blessed with a piece of Earth that created a life of fulfillment and passion. Passion for the environment, soil, water, and minerals - all that nature combines to create perfection in the form of a flower

We do it for the love of flowers. Flowers—those simple and magnificent creations embody love, sympathy, celebration, and so much more to the receiver and the giver

Let's share the colorful abundance of nature. Flowers are truly magical.

May flowers continue to bloom in and brighten your life.