Magic in Miami Urban Fantasy Series


I'm writing my first novel, Masie Stellar and the Cosmic Diamonds. This is Book 1 in my Magic in Miami. This New Adult/Young Adult Urban Fantasy is in development. Got the first draft of the cover, and I LOVE IT. The synopsis is ready! Here’s a sneak peek:

Marisela Simone Stellar Morales, a.k.a. MASIE, is a Junior at UM (University of Miami: School of Magic). She's a workaholic and bored witch with minor abilities, trapped in her divorced parents' power games and the life they've planned for her. Fortunately, she loves her job as a concierge at the Penguin Hotel in South Beach, the only place she has any autonomy, and hopes to earn enough money to leave school and find adventure anywhere but Miami.

Then the Art Deco Festival's paramount exhibit—enchanted diamonds—go missing from a VIP's hotel guest room. To the standards (non-magical humans), the Cosmic Diamonds are priceless, and in the xtra magical community, they're legendary and rumored to grant the power of the gods. Masie was the last one in the room, alone; now, she's the main suspect. Not trusting the Miami police (comprised chiefly of standards) to keep her out of prison, Masie's determined to use all her skills and more to investigate the crime and catch the real culprit.

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Photo by Maria Eduarda Loura Magalhães