• Your Session

    • Video chat

    • Conversation about your concerns

    • Energy shifts through dialog

    • Discuss your prepared questions

    • Highlight limiting language and disempowering dynamics

  • Features

    • 50-minute appointments

    • Private video conference

    • Lighthearted empowerment

    • MindBodySpirit approach

    • Fairy Godmother care

  • Benefits

    • Personalized support, Judgement-free, Holistic approach

    • Energy management, Identify blind spots, Implementation

    • Accountability, Purpose-driven objectives

    • Increased productivity, Dissolve limiting beliefs

    • Compassionate feedback

Confidence Booster

I specialize in helping my clients up-level their self worth and wellbeing with gentle guidance and unconditional acceptance. 

One-off Consulting

My sessions are “surgical” in nature, meaning I can help you make a shift and clear disempowering mindsets in one session, instead of in ongoing counseling. Usually, I see clients once a year or so. For those who want weekly or monthly support, I offer memberships and/or recommend other wellness professionals. 

Limited Availability

As a metaphysical teacher, I prefer to teach you how to be your own guide with Higher Self Consulting a.k.a. accessing the Akashic Records through simple journaling and tapping into your innate resources. Nevertheless, I am available for only a few sessions a week for those who need my help.

Not for Everyone

If you are a high-level professional and doing the work (you know who you are), yet still feel stuck (or it feels like only one thing is missing), I can help you expand your perspective, clear confusion, and settle these challenges.

  • Natalia

    "I am new to the Akashic Records. I took the Awakening the Wizard Within course, and it has been life-altering! With her expert guidance and wisdom, I have finally entered a realm that allowed me to discover my soul’s purpose. Macarena is incomparable in her knowledge, and her teachings have truly awakened me. I am ready to manifest my true purposes, and I am filled with light and gratitude for her courses and guidance"

  • Lauralyn

    "She also possesses excellent communication skills, whether with public speaking, writing, or in a spontaneous personal situation that shows great compassion, patience, and an uncanny capacity to see many points of view…"

  • Yoli

    “There is something about Macarena that is empowering and inspiring filled with energy and clarity. I highly recommend working with Macarena…”

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10 am – 5 pm EST Monday to Friday

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